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    We help address the sustainability challenges of highly-traded commodities. We support governments to take the lead in creating national environments where sustainable commodity sectors can grow. This means facilitating neutral spaces where stakeholders can collaborate on a shared vision and agenda for action. It means building public-private partnerships. And, it means sharing what we learn through a growing community of practitioners.

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We are honoured to present a prominent changemaker and life-timer member of the Green Commodities Community.


A shared learning experience in collaboration with an independent media training consultant for eight selected journalists who will be awarded bursaries to attend the Good Growth Conference in Lima…

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The benefits of Multistakeholder Collaboration for Systemic Change -the core of the Green Commodities Approach- were highlighted in the opening panel session of the World Rubber Summit 2019.

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Juan Antonio Secchia Oddone inherited 600 hectares of land from his grandfather within the Atlantic Forest of Alto ParanĂ¡. Aware of the importance of producing in a sustainable way, he decided to…


The partnership between UNDP and Conservation International promotes an integrated approach to tackling the challenges related to unsustainable palm oil production in the country.


Bringing together international influencers, government leaders and commodity practitioners, the Good Growth Conference is a unique opportunity to engage with changemakers working throughout commodity…

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Costa Rica is the first country in the world to establish a National Plan to improve the fisheries of large pelagic species, including tuna, sword and mahi mahi.

Indigenous communities in Peru growing organic coffee

The National Coffee Action Plan 2018-2030 was launched in October 2018 with the view of promoting sector growth, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of 223 thousand farmer families that…

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