Reconnecting with ourselves, each other and nature.

The world needs to embark on a major transition to build a sustainable future. Given the limited time that we have and the collective action imperative to move into a safe and just ‘operating space for humanity’ we need to explore the drivers that can catalyse major ‘systems change’ or ‘transformation’. We have the science, technical capacity and technological tools to chart our way through the transformation. However, we are lacking the collaborative mindset and agreed priority values required to leverage necessary change. Until we address the fundamental issues entrenched value and belief systems we will not be able to enact the necessary and critical actions to set us on a path for planetary sustainability.

In this context, we are exploring the role of consciousness and the potential of proven approaches such as mindfulness, somatic transformation, systems leadership, indigenous and feminine wisdoms to advance sustainability. Fundamentally, helping us to reconnect with ourselves, each other and nature can build the inner foundations – mindsets, values and skills – for the actions and outcomes our society and planet needs.

We are at a pivotal moment – the launch of the ‘great re-set’, the wave of action to ‘re-build better’.  Now is the time and the opportunity to introduce new narratives and new ways thinking and feeling so that individuals can through awareness and compassion for themselves and others be powerful agents of change.  Only when we can better cultivate constructive thoughts and emotions and challenge our unhelpful mental patterns and embodied habits, can we engage differently and co-create solutions with others.

In particular, the transition towards sustainability requires a new leadership based on « being » (authentic, purposeful, compassionate, mindful, etc.), rather than only « doing ». Leaders – in public and private sectors -  need to access their feelings and whole-body intelligence – head, heart, gut – to facilitate this transformation. It will be this ‘consciousness’ approach that will unlock the full potential of the ‘technical’ capacity and solutions that we have developed over decades but never scaled appropriately.

UNDP is seeking partners to contribute to the co-design of the “Conscious Food Systems Alliance" (CoFSA) that aims at leveraging the power of inner transformation, through proven approaches such as mindfulness, to support systemic change towards sustainability, starting with the Food and Agricultural Commodities systems.





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Reaching sustainable happiness through cultivating gratitude, to live in harmony with ourselves, with each other and with the planet.


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