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Part I. May 24 – 26

A learning Journey of System, Community, and Individual Transformation for Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains

Part II. May 27 – 28

Good Growth Partnership Learning Session – Thinking Back and Beyond

From May 24 – 26, over a hundred changemakers in the Green Commodities Community took part in an immersive learning experience of System, Community, and Individual Transformation for Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains with a select curriculum of trainings by top-level experts and inspiring personal development and community building sessions. All adapted to different time-zones and interests.

Learning about the three approaches to systems change:


Embrace a Systems Mindset Facilitate Co-creation and Collaboration Build Systems Leadership Capacity


From May 27 – 28, the changemakers behind the Good Growth Partnership had the opportunity to reflect together on over four years of putting sustainability at the heart of commodity supply chains, celebrating successes, and capturing lessons learned so far. Together they collected and grew the seeds of the Partnership of the future.


Watch the highlights video of the Good Growth Conference 2021


Enjoy the recordings of the three open sessions with high-level representatives from government, private sector, financial institutions, NGOs, farmer associations and more.  Click the images below:  







Why Learning about Systems Change?


Creating a sustainable food and agricultural system is one of the most critical challenges that we face. The world needs to embark on a major transition to build a sustainable future. ​We have the technical capacity and the technology to do so, but we are lacking the collaborative mindset and set of values required for this transformation. ​To create a common future for humanity and the living planet, we must embrace the complexity of pursuing systemic changes, and move beyond a focus on the 'what' of change and get better at the 'how' of change.  

The paradox is that systemic change involves transformation ‘en masse’, but within that mass population individual practitioners must be equipped with the skills and approaches that will enable them to change as individuals in support of the wider change. 




The Good Growth Conference is an immersive learning experience celebrated every two years which brings policymakers, producers, local communities, companies, development practitioners and conservationists to the frontiers of agriculture and deforestation.

The 2021 edition of the Good Growth Conference, which happened virtually, took over a hundred carefully selected changemakers on a unique learning journey to build skills, connect and learn together through a select and customized training programme from top-tier organizations to create systems change for sustainable commodity supply chains. 
Co-designed and convened by the Good Growth Partnership with funding from the Global Environment Facility and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic affairs to inspire new understandings and foster meaningful global connections, this one of a kind gathering equips delegates with the network and tools needed to influence the way we produce, finance and demand agricultural commodities.

The 2019 edition was held in Lima and the Peruvian Amazon.  

Visit the Good Growth Conference 2019 website to find out more.

Join a Wide Network of Commodity Practitioners 

The Good Growth Conference is the biannual gathering of the Green Commodities Community, a global knowledge sharing initiative which supports on-the-ground practitioners, captures lessons learned and opens dialogue for all changemakers across major agriculture and marine commodity systems.

With +150 members from around the world meeting both in sophisticated online spaces and in real life, the Green Commodities Community serves first and foremost the dialogue and learning needs of its members. Practitioners especially value the opportunity to connect with other experts around the world, alongside the rich content of online workshops and comprehensive guidance materials.

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