The Green Commodities Community is a vibrant global network of changemakers and practitioners working on sustainable agricultural commodities. It connects 200 members across 14 countries and 7 commodities, offering numerous opportunities and events to share and learn.

With its membership expected to grow three-fold by 2025,  the Community is celebrating  its 7th anniversary with the launch of a new digital home where connecting and collaborating becomes easier, faster and more exciting.

With this new Green Commodities Community Digital Platform members will now be able to add to their calendar webinars and workshops, discover fellow practitioners’ work, create working groups to collaborate, join specific landscapes, countries, and commodities forums and much more. All of this completely effortlessly.

‘We have always been proud of offering a safe space where like-minded professionals working to transform commodity and food systems can connect, collaborate and co-create. Now we have an ‘online home’ to do so. We are very excited about it’, says Pascal Fabie, Senior Adviser for Learning and Impact at UNDP’s Green Commodities Programme and the Green Commodities Community Lead.

Not registered yet? Head to or click the image below, and click the ‘Apply to join’ button at the bottom. You will receive an email with an activation link once the Green Commodities Community team has accepted your application.


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