UNDP is building on its initiative From Commitment to Action by using the same principles in its contribution to the upcoming COP26 meeting in Glasgow, UK. The  Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT) Dialogue is an initiative launched by COP26 Presidency and the Tropical Forest Alliance aspiring to agree on principles for collaborative action, produce a shared roadmap on sustainable land use and international trade, and to take action now to protect forests while promoting development and trade.

Convened and facilitated by the Tropical Forest Alliance, the Multi- stakeholder Consultations form a key part of the FACT Dialogue, ensuring all relevant parties have a voice and a space to contribute.  Effective collaborative action, based on multi-stakeholder processes, are a key contribution from UNDP and its Green Commodities Programme.

UNDP’s Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems practice co-leads together with TFA (with Efeca) the stakeholder group on Trade and Market Development by co-organizing a number of virtual multi-stakeholder sessions to provide stakeholder input into government-led national road maps to achieve deforestation free agriculture and commit to them at COP26.

“We are delighted to be contributing to collective sense making on how we can re-imagine the future of food and agricultural systems in a post COVID-19 world. With our active involvement in the FACT Dialogue we are aiming to influence the enabling conditions for a more systemic way of working. Our special focus is on the ‘how’ of change through best practices in effective collaborative action process design and facilitation”, says Andrew Bovarnick, Global Head of the UNDP’s Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems practice.

From Commitment to Action is a UNDP initiative working in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador to support governments and companies to accelerate a reduction in deforestation from agricultural commodities in key forest eco-regions. At the centre of the project is the collaborative development of a roadmap for each country, highlighting actions planned, and further actions needed, to fulfill the commitments made by these countries’ governments and companies to reduce deforestation from commodities. In early 2021, the results of Phase I one of the initiative were published in the report From Commitment to Action: Supporting Deforestation Free Commodity Supply Chains From The Amazon.


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