Meet the Team

  • Andrew Bovarnick
    Global Head, Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems; Nature, Climate and Energy.

    Andrew is also UNDP's Lead Natural Resource Economist, guiding UNDP programmes economic and market based approaches to global environmental problems. Andrew was charged with establishing GCP in 2009 and has since built up the team and programme. Andrew leads the programme with his global team and continues to develop new strategic initiatives and partnerships for GCP. Andrew is also a regular speaker at international conferences. Prior to joining UNDP, Andrew was a Senior Economic Consultant with Environmental Management Resources, a global consultancy working on a broad range of natural resource management and policy projects funded by international donor agencies and multinationals.

  • Christina Archer
    Senior Partnership Advisor

    Christina heads the UNDP Green Commodities Programme's From Commitment to initiative. Prior to joining the Programme, Christina worked for Save the Children UK for many years on issues such as impact assessment, livelihoods, emergency response, and child rights programme management, then joined the Community Trade team of The Body Shop to manage their Latin America ingredient supply chains, more recently developing their new Sustainable Sourcing guidelines. During that time she also worked closely with L’Oreal on several sustainable sourcing initiatives.

  • Sandra Andraka
    Advisor for Membership and Learning for the Green Commodities Community of Practice

    Sandra had worked as the National Coordinator and Fishery Advisor of the Large Sustainable Fisheries Platform in Costa Rica and team member of the UNDP's Global Sustainable Supply Chain for Marine Commodities Project. Sandra has more than 14 years of experience working in Latin America on marine conservation, fisheries management, policy work and advocacy, both nationally and internationally. Before joining UNDP, Sandra worked the World Wildlife Fund on terrestrial and marine conservation projects and also operated her own consultancy company. She holds an advance degree in Environmental and Rural Planning and a degree in Biology.

  • Pascale Bonzom
    FACS Global Project Manager

    Pascale has extensive experience within UNDP and on supply chains, having with UNDP on agriculture value chain and private sector development and engagement issues for over 13 years. Previously, Pascale worked for five years as a business consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, in London and New York. She has an engineering degree in Chemistry from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Toulouse, and a PhD in Chemistry from the School of Pharmacy, University College London.

  • Vanessa Briceño
    Programme Administrative Associate

    Vanessa has extensive experience in the areas of administration, procurement, and management. Prior to working with the UNDP's Green Commodities Programme, Vanessa worked in the private sector for different multinationals, including, for example, Philip Morris International, Citibank and Amadeus IT Group.

  • Simon Cooper
    Communications Lead

    Simon has extensive experience of strategy work with international organizations and Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives. He has worked with the Alliance for Water Stewardship, Better Cotton Initiative, ISEAL Alliance, Textile Exchange, 4C Association, SAN, Pesticide Action Network UK, the Organic Cotton Accelerator, Cotton Made in Africa and the Social and Labor Convergence Project. A qualified performance coach and business mediator, Simon previously spent 25 years as a broadcaster before becoming Communications Director at Classic FM, the UK’s national classical music radio station. With a first degree in Geography from Cambridge University, he graduated in 2005 with an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice at the University of Bath.

  • Pascal Fabié
    Senior Adviser Learning & Impact

    Pascal has more than 20 years of international experience in sustainable development working with multinationals, the public sector, and NGOs in the areas of environment, governance and education, focusing on organizational learning, accountability, strategic planning and transparency. He is the mastermind behind the UNDP Green Commodities Programme's theoretical background, the Theory of Change (see Our Focus). Before joining GCP, he was on the management team of Transparency International, leading cross-regional learning, programme accountability, and capacity development and supporting a network of 100+ independent national entities.

  • Marlon Flores
    Senior Technical Advisor

    Marlon is the Senior Technical Advisor on Targeted Scenario Analysis. This is innovative approach to economic valuation that is centered on productive sectors. Marlon is a natural resource economist that has provided guidance to implement TSA studies since 2010. He joined the GCP Team in January, 2018. He has also supported UNDP-GEF projects related to biodiversity finance and economics by applying market and non-market financial instruments to protected areas’ finance; and lead the design of complex public-private biodiversity finance solutions linked to results-based budgeting and cost-effectiveness. Prior to UNDP, Marlon was a Senior PA Policy Advisor at the Nature Conservancy’s Worldwide Office in Arlington, Virginia.

  • Charles O'Malley
    Senior Systems Change Advisor

    Charles advises on how ‘systems thinking’ approaches can increase the effectiveness of our work on sector transformation in food and agriculture in order to address critical climate, biodiversity and livelihood issues – particularly by strengthening multi-stakeholder collaboration for systemic change. He previously led the private sector engagement work for GCP. Prior to UNDP, he spent 15 years working as an entrepreneur and consultant across a range of sustainability challenges, following a decade in the finance sector.

  • Leif Pedersen
    Senior Commodities Advisor

    Leif develops and oversees project implementation, as well as provides on agricultural commodities to all country offices. Until 2012, Leif was a Senior Manager at the Rainforest Alliance with responsibility for its Sustainable Coffee Programme. Prior to this he worked for seven years with UNDP as an Environmental Programme Officer in El Salvador and as member of UNDP’s Global Environment Facility team, managing a portfolio of biodiversity conservation and land degradation projects in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean.

  • Nicolas Petit
    Senior Commodities Advisor

    Nicolas currently focuses on Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia and Papua New Guinea. is also the lead figure for the UNDP Green Commodities Programme's Farmer Support Systems Tool. Nicolas has 20 years’ experience working on sustainable agricultural commodities, rural livelihoods and rural labour markets. He has worked for the European Commission, the UN and various NGOs. In his last position, Nicolas was the Director of Standards and Assurance for the Better Cotton Initiative, a multi-stakeholder initiative focusing on the promotion of more sustainable production practices in this sector.

  • Kathleen Wood
    Senior Commodities Advisor

    Kathleen has more than 20 years experience in sustainable food & textiles efforts such as cotton and rotation crops. Innovative program design to address sustainability issues in supply chain. By bringing multi-stakeholder initiatives together to develop a shared approach to issues facing the sector and strategic planning for 2030 Climate. She has assessed and developed the ECA methodology for GCP. In her advisor role; she has implemented the ECA methodology at Country level. Support to Platform in Liberia, Mongolia, Uganda, and Indonesia. Developed & piloted a joint multi-stakeholder guide in Uganda focused on food systems transformation. Partnered with UNEP and FAO. International coffee organization; partnering to bring systems transformation in coffee producing countries. Bring the ECA methodology to country level needs for transformation. GCP strategy refresh and focus on being more effective collectively.

  • Aleksandra Atallah
    Programme & Knowledge Management Analyst

    Aleksandra focuses on internal communications, the Programme team’s work processes, strategic initiatives development and coordination, community of practice quality assurance and outreach. Before that, Aleksandra worked with UNDP Nepal’s Rule of Law and Human Rights Protection System Programme (RoLHR). Prior to joining UNDP, she worked for five years in Germany for the leading coalition against corruption - Transparency International (TI). Aleksandra studied both at University of Warsaw and Université catholique de Louvain and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology.

  • Noemi Altobelli
    FACS and COFSA Coordination Support & COFSA Community Manager

    Noemi is a Coordination Support Consultant for the UNDP Food and Agriculture Systems (FACS) portfolio and the CoFSA Community Manager. She focuses on supporting the coordination of FACS portfolio and community management for the Conscious Food Systems Alliance. Prior to joining the UNDP Green Commodities Programme, Noemi worked with NGOs in Livelihood projects based on Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) and Climate Resilience in The Gambia and Solomon Islands where she could enlarge her knowledge on rural labour markets, smart agriculture techniques, and sustainable agriculture practices. She holds a Degree in International Law and a Master’s Degree in Development Economics, with a focus on Agricultural and Rural Development. She is committed to addressing the root causes of economic and social inequalities and the challenges of global sustainability, both of which are particularly high in the commodities sector, where she channels her energy daily.

  • Ashwin Bhouraskar
    Global FACS Advisor

    Ashwin brings to the FACS team over 20 years of experience with a wide range of skills, and organizations in the fields of agriculture, food security and environment.  He began his career with the International Food Policy Research Institute, producing policy briefs for decision-makers on food and crisis recovery.  Joining the World Bank, Ashwin evaluated programs in agriculture, natural resources management and climate change, and then went on to lead the WWF Network’s monitoring and evaluation, where he advised and reviewed various global programs on agricultural commodities.  With FAO, he spent six years, leading and providing technical expertise for evaluations of the agency’s efforts  on food systems, climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster risk reduction, forestry, fisheries, poverty reduction and economic development, and later worked with FAO’s Investment Centre, designing and providing technical assistance to multilateral development bank projects in agriculture, food systems, poverty reduction and the environment.  In 2017, he decided to pursue independent consulting, and has conducted strategic planning, multi-stakeholder facilitation, capacity development and evaluations for UNDP and other UN and non-UN development institutions.  He holds a master's degree in Public Affairs, with a focus on biodiversity conservation and economic development. 

  • Andrea Bina
    Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Specialist

    Andrea leads the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) work of GCP. He holds a BA in Economics and Politics, and a MSc in Management and Philosophy. Prior to joining the team, Andrea interned, worked and volunteered in different capacities with UN agencies, and local and International NGOs, working with global and country programmes, as well as community-based initiatives. While completing his graduate studies, Andrea started his career in the development sector with UNDP, and moved onto an assignment with the Water and Energy Cluster at UNOPS. Most recently, Andrea coordinated the M&E work of Action Against Hunger in Palestine, working across different programmatic areas such as food security and livelihoods, WASH, protection, education, shelter and disaster risk reduction. Right before joining UNDP, he led the final evaluation of a community empowerment, education and legal aid project in Western Georgia, with the Danish Refugee Council. Andrea grew up in a rural community, and through his personal experience, studies and work has learned to appreciate the complex environmental and socio-economic challenges associated with food and agricultural commodity systems.

  • Aline Da Silva
    Programme Analyst

    Aline focuses on the coordination of the Good Growth Partnership. Prior to GCP, Aline worked with the UNDP Equator Initiative on the organization of the Equator Prize 2017, an award recognizing local communities and indigenous peoples’ nature-based solutions for sustainable development, and supported the selection process of the 2017 winners. Aline has also worked in the not-for profit sector, including with the Sustainable Business Network and the Living Future Institute of Australia. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations and Sustainable Development from the Political Science Schools of Rennes and Bordeaux (France).

  • Greta Ellero
    Programme Coordination Associate Officer - FACS Practice

    Greta focuses on the global coordination to the Food and Agricultural Commodity (FACS) Practice, including activities related to private sector engagement. She also supports the development of new initiatives, coordination and implementation of FACS-related projects, monitoring and reporting activities. Prior to joining the UNDP Green Commodities Programme, Greta worked on corporate responsibility and sustainability at Deloitte & Touche in Italy as an associate auditor for non-financial reports, including for major agricultural companies. Greta has also an invaluable experience in migration governance and transnational organized crime having worked for IOM and UNODC in Austria and Egypt. She holds a Master’s degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, with a major in Economics from the University of Trieste, and a Diploma in Global Business Management from the London School of Business and Finance.

  • María Fernández del Moral
    Green Commodities Programme Communications Advisor

    María supports global communications for the UNDP's Green Commodities Programme the Good Growth Partnership. Prior to joining the UNDP, María worked at the Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark, at Textile Exchange, and collaborated with International non-profit organizations based on sustainable development and human rights. Her educational background is on International Relations and Journalism, both degrees at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

  • Federica Fregolent
    Green Commodities Community Assistant

    Federica supports the Community of Practice Team of the GCP. Before joining she volunteered in local and international civil society organizations, working in different areas of community-related projects, including social research, and event & social media management. After completing her BA studies, Federica joined the project on migrant workers and accompanied partners at PIOT Foundation, a local NGO based in London, as a social researcher. Before joining the GCP Team, she joined Amnesty International and Meditarrenea Saving Humans Sweden respectively as an event & social media manager and editor volunteer, raising awareness on socio-ecological issues and promoting social campaigns. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing an MSc in Computational Social Science.  

  • Henriette Friling
    Programme Coordination Associate Officer - FACS Practice

    Henriette focuses on the global coordination of the Food and Agricultural Systems (FACS) practice, in addition to supporting the coordination and development of various initiatives/tools. Prior to joining FACS, Henriette worked for the UNDP Nordic Representation Office and the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre responsible for partnerships and advocacy. Before joining UNDP, Henriette was part of the Policy team at EAT, responsible for coordinating EATs work under the EU project CO-CREATE and supporting the development of various strategies building on The EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health report. Prior to this, she worked for the Zero Emission Resource Organisation (ZERO), the Permanent Mission of Guatemala to the UN, the World Food Programme (WFP), Food Matters and in various capacities. She holds a MSc in Global Development from University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and a BA in International Studies from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Henriette is passionate about working with improving the sustainability of food and agricultural systems as they play a key role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and is directly or indirectly linked with several of the problems we are seeing around the globe.

  • Lavinia Gasperini
    Programme Management Associate Officer

    Lavinia focuses on monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization and private engagement, as well as programme management and administration. Prior to joining the UNDP Green Commodities Programme, Lavinia worked with the Italian Embassy in Australia and volunteered for several years in non-profit organizations focused on human rights and local community involvement. She holds a degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in International Relations.

  • Rut Gomez
    Communications Advisor

    Rut is a former reporter and a university lecturer and researcher, Rut has for 6 UN agencies since 2007 (UNESCO, UNDP, UN Women, UNCDF, UNWTO and UNEP) as well as for other organisations such as IUCN and the European Commission. In the last years, she supported initiatives such as [email protected] and the SDG Climate Facility Project (UNDP), the Finance for Food initiative and the Better Than Cash Alliance (UNCDF), and the Arab Network of Women in Elections (UN Women). She holds a BA in Communications (University San Pablo CEU, Spain), a MA in International Relations (Bilgi University, Turkey), a MA in Euromediterranean Studies (Cairo University, Egypt), a Diploma in Sustainable Development and a Postgraduate Certificate in Poverty Reduction (both awarded by the University of London, UK). She is about to defend her PhD thesis on the Information Society within the academic course 2021-2022 while teaching International Relations and Media Laws and Ethics at Shanghai International Studies University.

  • Alice Jervoise
    Conscious Food Systems Alliance (CoFSA ) Program Coordination and Support Officer

    Alice focuses on program coordination and support for the Conscious Food Alliance. Alice is passionate about regenerative food systems transformation and has experience working with environmental NGOs such as the Yachana Foundation (Ecuador), the Pachamama Alliance (USA), and Ashden (UK). Prior to joining UNDP, Alice worked in corporate sustainability as a researcher and consultant, supporting companies on strategy design, stakeholder engagement, and communications. She holds a Masters degree in International Development and Food Systems from the Institute of Development Studies and a BA International Relations from the University of Leeds.

  • Louwina Lomax
    Green Commodities Programme Advisor

    Lian is the coordination consultant who provides the strategic and managerial to the GCP programme and focuses on internal coordination and integration. She also coordinates the Communications team. Before joining UNDP, Lian worked within the project management branch of the French national Research Institute for Agricultural Research in Paris, France. She was the European project manager of EU funded collaborative R&D Innovation projects focusing on the Agriculture and Food sector. These projects were typically complex in nature involving different partners across Europe where she was responsible for all aspects of the project life cycle management. Her educational background is Organisational Management and Strategy and is currently doing a parttime master’s degree in Humanitarian Action at SOAS, University of London.

  • Gonzalo Lopez
    Budget Specialist

    Gonzalo have held different Administrative/Financial positions throughout his career, he have worked in the humanitarian field for the last 6 years, focused in the area of finance, in organizations such as the International Federation of the Red Cross, and Save the Children, participating in projects and emergency operations at a regional level. Graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela with a degree in Business Administration, and MBA with emphasis in Finance from the Universidad Interamericana de Panamá. He’s passionate about working with green commodities to support the economic development of the sector and the people who work in it, in a conscious way to help to reduce the impact on the environment.

  • Maria Soledad Riestra
    Training & Learning Advisor 

    Soledad is a passionate sustainability practitioner with more than 15 years of in learning and training, behavior change and leadership development. Through her  commitment towards bringing long lasting, profound change in the way we humans live on the planet, she has worked on an array of multiple projects, and founded several initiatives across Latin America, Europe and Asia. She has designed and delivered virtual and face to face training, facilitating on/offline spaces and communities of learning and practice, holding spaces for multi-stakeholder engagement, collaboration and for systems change. She is passionate about coaching individuals and groups in their sustainable development pathways, towards deep transformation in service of people and planet.

Meet our Country-based Teams


  • Ari Agung Prihatin
    Platform Senior Analyst GGP – GCP

    Ari Agung has over 30 year of experience working for the Ministry of of the Republic of Indonesia. There, she has coordinated multistakeholders meetings to formulate action plans to overcome negative issues on commodities (such as palm oil and cocoa); hosted meetings of international and regional organizations on commodities (cocoa, tea, coffee and sugar); and regularly represented the Indonesian Government as a delegate member at global, regional and bilateral commodity conferences. Ari Agung holds a Master degree in Agribusiness Management from Bogor Agriculture Institute.

  • Tiurmasari Harahap
    Field Coordinator in Pelalawan

    Tiurmasari leads the work of farmers training and coordination in Pelalawan in Indonesia. Previous to joining UNDP, Tiur was a Field Coordinator working with Musin Mas and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) under IPODS Project in North Sumatra and Riau. She earned her Degree in Farm Studies at Universitas Syiah Kuala (UNSYIAH) Banda Aceh.

  • Rini Indrayanti
    Platform Manager for Indonesian Palm Oil Platform (FoKSBI)

    Rini has more than 15 years of experience in various development programs on sustainable agriculture and post conflict and post disaster recovery. She holds a bachelor degree in management from Hasanuddin University and a master in development practice from the University of Queensland, Australia. Before joining UNDP, Rini was the Executive Director of Cocoa Sustainable Partnership, a multi-stakeholder forum for sustainable cocoa development in Indonesia.

  • Afroh Manshur
    Environment and Legal Officer​

    Afroh Manshur is currently working as Environment & Policy Officer for SPOI. role is related to providing support to ensure the adoption of policy reforms on sustainable agriculture practices and land use planning. Afroh worked for 7 years as a junior researcher at the Bogor Agriculture University, which focuses on wildlife and protected area management. At the same time, he was also working with various consulting firm to conduct the HCVF/HC.

  • Tri Widjayanti
    National Project Manager to Senior Advisor GGP – GCP.

    Tri came to UNDP Green Commodities Programme after a 30-year career with Ministry of Agriculture where she specialized in hosting and managing multi-stakeholder dialogue for cocoa, coffee and palm oil. Throughout her career Tri regularly represented the Indonesian government at global commodity conferences as a delegate and trade negotiation advisor. Tri holds a Masters degree in Economics from North Carolina State University and is a graduate a of the Bogor Agricultural University.

  • Megi Wahyuni
    Provincial Platform Specialist in North Sumatra

    Megi holds a master degree on European studies from The Eberhard Karls of Tubingen in Germany. Before joining UNDP, Megi worked with Swisscontact on sustainable agriculture development program for more than 5 years. During her tenure she established and maintained cooperative relationships with multi stakeholders including local government, local representatives of national government, community leaders and private sectors, donors, partner, as well as media. Megi supported the establishment of Regional Cocoa Forums in West Sumatera in her previous experience with Swisscontact.



  • Diana Rivera
    National Coordinator, Peruvian Amazon Sustainable Productive Landscapes Project

    Diana was born in Chiclayo, Peru. She studied economics at the National University of La Molina and obtained a master’s degree in Strategic Administration at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. With more than 18 years of experience managing development projects in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, Diana is coordinating since 2016 projects in the Peruvian Amazon at UNDP Peru.

  • Franz Baumann
    Coordinator of the Implementation Process of the National Coffee Action Plan

    Franz is currently focused on Peru, as the lead figure in the UNDP Green Program team to promote an articulated implementation of the National Coffee Action Plan, in close coordination with the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation and other private and public members of the National Coffee Council. Franz has 18 years of experience working in sustainable development, stakeholder networks, industrial and market development, mainly from public sector institutions in Peru and organizations of the United Nations system.


  • Dorsla Farcarthy
    ARR/Team Leader, Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Development

    Dorsla holds a MSc in Economics from the University of Illinois. He has more 15 years of experience on field. Prior to joining UNDP in 2014 he worked for the Ministry of Finance as a macroeconomist in the Republic of Liberia. He then moved to the department of budget where he served as a senior research and project officer. Moreover, he developed himself as a National Policy Consultant for the Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs in Liberia. Apart from his accomplishments he has different certifications that make him the ideal person to lead UNDP team ARR.


  • Myagmarjav Serjkhuu
    Mongolian Sustainable Cashmere Platform Manager

    Myga is based in Mongolia and managing Mongolian Sustainable Cashmere Platform. has extensive experience in managing and implementing rural economic development and sustainable agricultural development projects. Prior to joining UNDP, she was in charge for Rural business economic development programs and pastureland management programs and worked in overall 12 aimags of Mongolia. She led the team developing the "Pastureland Management and Livelihood Improvement" program from concept to delivery. She has also led "Value chain analysis of raw materials derived from Camel" and initiated the "Camel Branding" project in 2015. Under this project the team produced over 10 types of safety clothes made from camel wool with ‘Made in Mongolia’ label.Myga earned her MBA from the Lincoln University, USA, and studied at the University of Queensland, Australia, and obtained a graduate certificate in community relations.


Country Focal Points


Costa Rica

  • Kifah Sasa
    Deputy Resident Representative

    Kifah Sasa is UNDP’s Deputy Resident Representative in Costa Rica. Prior to he served as Environment and Risk Management Programme Officer in Costa Rica and Senior Advisor on National Platforms for GCP. He has over 15 years of professional experience as an international expert on sustainable development and natural resource management. He is a specialist on marine conservation, ethnobiology, tropical medicine and rural development. For its environmental commitment, he was finalist of the Young Conservationist Award of IUCN.


  • Floradema Eleazar
    Team Lead - UNDP Climate Action Programme

    Ms. Eleazar is a professional Forester and Environmental Planner. She obtained BS in Forestry from UP Los Banos and MA in Urban and Regional Planning from UP DIliman. She also obtained a Special Certificate from Harvard Institute for International Studies on Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis. She spent more than 19 years in government, mainly DENR in designing, implementing and managing ENR programmes. She served as Manager of three major projects, namely: UNDP Integrated Environmental Management for Sustainable Development; WB-DoF Community Based Resource Management Project; and the UNDP-GEF-DENR New Conservation Areas in the Philippines Project. She worked as Independent Consultant to UNDP, EU, World Bank, ADB and DFAT for almost 15 years prior to joining UNDP in August 2016. Her expertise includes land governance, biodiversity conservation, natural resources management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster risk reduction and management. She specializes in policy research, programme planning, project management, monitoring and evaluation. She is currently the Team Leader of the UNDP Climate Action Programme in the Philippines which manages the organization’s portfolio on environment and natural resources management, climate change, disaster risk reduction and management, and resilience building.



  • Monica Andrade
    Coordinator in the Environment and Energy Area

    Monica holds a Degree in Law, with a Masters in Environmental Management and from Lund University - Sweden. With more than 15 years of experience in issues related to dialogue, public policies and governance for sustainable development, with emphasis on climate change and biodiversity. She has managed programs and coordinated projects at the regional level. She was Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and is currently the Coordinator of the Environment and Energy Area of ​​the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ecuador.


  • Oscar Gaeda
    Project Coordinator

    Oscar has more than 25 years of professional experience working as a extensionist and technical advisor for various cooperation agencies. He has worked on advising producers on soil conservation, contributed in the recovery of degraded soils and the implementation of sustainable agricultural production systems. In 2015 he joined UNDP as a technical specialist for the Green BAAPA project and then collaborate on the role of project coordinator. In 2021, he took over as coordinator of the Green Chaco Project until its closure and currently he’s coordinating the UNDP component of the Results-Based Payment project with GCF funds. Oscar is an agricultural engineer from the National University of Asunción, he holds a master in soil sciences from the faculty of agronomy of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil and a specialist title in Seed Science and Technology from the Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil.


  • Kumar Kylychev
    Head of Energy and Environment Unit in UNDP Country Office in Kazakhstan

    Kumar has extensive experience within UNDP and having more than 13 years of experience as a Programme Specialist in sustainable development, environment and energy working with the public sector, civil society organizations, international organizations, private sector and local communities focusing on design, implementation, monitoring and oversight of development projects and initiatives. Kumar also has a working experience with UNICEF Kyrgyzstan (in 2021) as a Programme Officer on Climate, DRR and WASH. Before joining UNDP back in 2004, he worked in a private sector.  

Côte d'Ivoire

  • Jean Paul Aka
    National Commodities Advisor

    Jean Paul Aka is an agronomist with a specialization in forestry. He has 9 of professional experience and expertise in sustainable agriculture, sustainable forest management and REDD+. Passionate, he joined the GCP team since 2018 as a technical advisor on green commodities, where he led several missions to support multiple stakeholders (Government, NGOs, Private Sector, region) in identifying solutions through systemic approaches combining multiple innovations to address complex deforestation issues in key agricultural value chains. Prior to joining UNDP, he worked at the REDD+ Secretariat in Côte d'Ivoire, as the manager of the national REDD+ strategy and partnership with the private sector to reduce deforestation in cocoa and oil palm supply chains. He also coordinated the development of the national deforestation-free agriculture policy. He has also worked extensively on incentive systems to promote agroecological practices, such as payments for environmental services.



  • G. Fernando Garcia Barrios
    Environment and Energy Programme Officer

    Fernando holds a PhD in Environmental Sustainability and Forest carbon business Lincoln University, New Zealand. Master’s degree in Formulation and Evaluation of projects, and Degree in Agronomy from San Carlos University, Guatemala. He has over 15 years of experience at national and international level in issues related to biodiversity management, sustainable agriculture, environmental finance, natural resource management and sustainable development.  He has participated as government and academic representative in international academic conferences and UN international meetings. Currently, Fernando serves as Environment and Energy Programme Officer of ​​the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Guatemala.



  • Ayirebi Frimpong
    Forest Specialist for UNDP Ghana Country Office

    Ayirebi holds a MSc in environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom. He’s been developing efforts UNDP's Government partners such as the Forestry Commission and the Ghana Cocoa Board. Prior to joining UNDP in 2015, he worked as a private consultant in providing nature-based solutions and environmental impact assessment for government agencies and private sector clients. He believes commodities are key sources of livelihoods and a key driver to deforestation hence working with commodities allows me to work to ensure that people livelihoods are sustained in a manner that equitable.