The aim of the National Cocoa Action Plan for the Sustainable Development is to transform the Dominican cocoa sector to ensure its continued growth, its environmental sustainability and the social wellbeing of its cocoa growers and their communities.

The Plan will ensure the competitiveness of the sector in the long term and create attractive livelihood options for future generations of Dominican cocoa farmers. It is the result of a joint effort by a wide range of stakeholders in the Dominican cocoa industry, in government, in civil society and in academic research, which worked together during 3 years through the National Cocoa Platform. The Platform – which belongs to the Dominican Republic’s National Cocoa Commission – is a space to generate dialogue and organize collaboration between stakeholders in the cocoa sector.  


The plan defines action that will be carried out in the span of a decade, to fundamentally change the Dominican cocoa sector. It will serve as a framework for public and private investment, and guidance for all involved stakeholders. By working from the same plan the country can harvest the synergies of collaboration, and each stakeholder will obtain returns on their investments that far supersedes their individual efforts 


Objectives of the Plan

  • Objective 1: Dominican cocoa farms are well managed and profitable
  • Objective 2: Quality of life is improved in cocoa communities
  • Objective 3: Systematic capacity supports transformation of DR's cocoa sector
  • Objective 4: Enabling environment and public policy supports transformation of the cocoa sector