As a trusted development partner, with a long-term presence in more than 170 countries, the United Nations Development Programme recognized that it could play a game-changing role at the national level to convene diverse commodity stakeholders and help create more enabling environments for sustainable commodity sectors to grow.

In 2009, UNDP launched the Green Commodities Programme (GCP) to play this important role in countries where highly traded commodities are important pillars of national and local economies. Today, the focus is on helping a strategically selected portfolio of countries to address the root causes of unsustainable commodity production. 

This publication captures the key innovations and impacts achieved by the UNDP Green Commodities Programme over the past six years. 



  • National Commodity Platforms are Now Supporting Entire Sectors to Shift Towards Sustainable Production in Five Producer Countries.
  • Costa Rica’s Pineapple Industry Charts a Sustainable Course.
  • The Dominican Republic Launches a Plan to Improve the Well-Being of Cocoa Producing Communities, while also Boosting Production by 200 Percent.
  • Platform Provides Vital Space for Dialogue as Pressure for Greater Sustainability Across Indonesia’s Palm Oil Sector Mounts.
  • 800,000 Timber Shade Trees Take Root, Demonstrating How Cocoa Farmers in Ghana can Boost their Incomes while Protecting their Environment.
  • Stakeholders Come Together for the First Time to Address Sustainability Concerns as Paraguay’s Soy and Beef Production Grows at an Unprecedented Rate.