The purpose of Farmer Support Systems is to provide guidance to sustainable commodity production practitioners from government, civil society and business on how to strengthen national farmer support systems in order to achieve the broader goal of improving the lives of commodity producers and their communities, and protecting high value forest and important vulnerable ecosystems. These guidelines are currently being finalized and will be available to download from our website very soon.

The document will build on traditional national extension and advisory systems expertise and will tailor it for sustainable commodity production, using GCP’s signature Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for Systemic Change (see Our Focus).

The GCP’s Farmer Support Systems’ guidelines will be aimed at:

-       Guiding thinking and planning for systemic change for strengthening farmer support systems;

-       Facilitating joint diagnosis, investigation and agreement on systemic solutions;

-       Supporting the elaboration of updated national farmer support strategies and implementation plans.

For further information, please contact Nicolas Petit at [email protected]

For Further Information:


Nicolas Petit, at [email protected]